• Kristi Leigh

40-Year Career Politician Colludes with AP to Push GOP Opposition Lie

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Watch as a professional propaganda puppet -an AP reporter - tries to hijack Kristi Leigh’s LiVE interview with a NW Ohio candidate for congress. The Associated Press is spreading doubt about GOP Candidate JR Majewski’s military expercience. MSM has followed suit and pushed the narrative just ahead of midterms. Kristi Leigh went straight to the source and gets his side of the story-the side MSM doesn’t effort to get.Turns out, Majewski is bringing more evidence to corroborate his background. Meanwhile, his opponent - Marcy Kaptur- who’s been in congress for 40 years- is paying to have ads place on the AP’s lies. Kevin McCarthy and the rest of the RINOs have used the propaganda parade to abandon their candidate.

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