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Army Doctor Whistleblower: “I Will Not Kneel Before A Tyrant”

Samuel Nelson Sigoloff is a board-certified Family Medicine physician and a Major in the US Army. Despite his 10 years in the military and glowing evaluations and reports in the past, the army has done everything to prosecute and persecute him. Despite multiple investigations, the Army, cannot find him guilty of anything illegal, unlawful, immoral nor unethical. Sam had had his privileges suspended at two duty stations, given an unconstitutional gag order that abridges in his first amendment rights, retaliation as whistleblower, multiple commanders investigations, indirect threats against his life and labeled a national security threat. All of these investigations and accusations are baseless and without merit. However, through all this Sam continues to speak out to warn others despite great personal/professional risk. He is the only Army Physician that is suing the Secretary of Defense, Secretary of the Army and the Commanding General at Fort Huachuca. Sam does not do this all for himself, he stands so that other service members will know they are not alone. His unwavering goal is to make courage more contagious than fear.

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