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Beyond Humanity: AI's Divine Deception

Delving into the profound evolution of artificial intelligence.Some are arguing that while we are distracted by Bumbling Joe Biden, the surge of illegals at the border, and the rest of the headlines to get enraged about, we’re missing the biggest threat to not only our country - but the world as we know it.In a world where AI is rapidly advancing, promises of a brighter future coexist with the ominous shadows of potential peril. From self-learning algorithms to autonomous decision-making, the rise of AI has sparked both wonder and concern.As someone who has worked extensively with Artificial Intelligence, Award-Winning Inventor Jovan Hutton Pulitzer offers his insights. How big of a threat is AI to humanity? Could demonic forces use AI to deceive God's creation? Could humanity have reached quantum-computer level technology and advancement pre-flood? Those are just some of the topics covered and more!

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