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Many parents have been at odds with the majority of the Round Rock ISD school board members for months now. It recently escalated to the point of board members positioning police officers outside of a school board room to prevent parents from entering the room on September 14th- a direct violation of the Texas Open Meetings Act. Two Fathers who spoke up were arrested later that week and put in jail overnight.

The venue was moved to a high school auditorium for the rescheduled meeting on September 22nd. A heavy police presence was also observed at this meeting and only clear bags of personal items could be brought inside.

The "Fauci Five" Board members added items to the agenda to censure the two board members who were standing up for parents rights and following the rule of law. But, hours before this meeting began, a TRO was granted to prevent a vote on those agenda items. After about an hour delay, due to "technical issues, this meeting began and passionate debate and some disruptions ensued. But despite public comment last night, despite all the lawsuits, despite state law, despite the TEA public health guidance directive, the RRISD “Fauci Five” Board members still think they are above the law by reinstating their mask mandate later that evening.

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