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Jan 6 Trespasser Faces Life in Prison | Kristi Leigh's Daily Brief

Inequitable justice. As Antifa continues violent protests… yes, there are arrests, but how often do they stick? It’s Jan. 6 trespassers who are getting thrown behind bars. The latest example in "Kristi Leigh's Daily Brief." Also behind bars, is Ghislaine Maxwell - giving her first on cam interview with some shocking claims. Plus, hypocricy is on stage… or in the air rather- learn about the gas guzzling climate change Bill Gates tour. And another hypocrite in California. Governor Gavin Newsom’s response to gun violence. To support my work: 🌟 GiveSend Go: 🌟 Paypal: 🌟 Follow me! Locals: 🌟 Stop Buying products from companies who hate you. Make the switch!

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