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Mother Exposes Terrifying Moment Hospital Threatened To Take Her Baby

Former Palm Beach County Republican School Board Candidate Angelique Contreras, was a victim of medical tyranny at Good Samaritan Hospital in Palm Beach County after having her 4th child. She is now still facing harassment from the DCF (Florida Department of Children and Families.) On the day of discharge, 11/11/22, a pediatrician assigned that morning to the newborn had different plans. Contreras said the peditrician refused to let them go home because of biirubin levels. “He was adamant that my son required phototherapy and at risk of brain damage, she said. ” Mother and baby were healthy and they did not want to stay an additional night in the hospital with the full blessing of the babies pediatrician and the mother's obstetrician. “Someone” then called DCF, and sent several security guards, and police officers to the labor unit.

Here’s how you can help the Contreras family while still under investigation by the DCF:

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