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Parents Flood County Attorney's Office Demanding Answers

As is the case with many school board conflicts across the country, the fight continues in Round Rock, Texas. After calls and emails have not been returned, a group of parents paid a visit to the County Attorney’s Office on Tuesday. The grievances are as follows: The superintendent of Round Rock ISD and five of the board members have continued to willfully subvert Texas law. They have pressed on with mandating masks despite Governor Abbott’s EO GA-38 and illegally prevented parents from actively participating in school board meetings -violating the Texas Open Meetings Act. Recently, a coordinated effort was made to doubled down on the assault of parents’ rights by having two Fathers- a pastor, and a veteran- arrested days after a school board meeting on misdemeanor charges of disorderly conduct. This was for trying to lawfully enter a public meeting and speaking up for parents rights to hear a vote on a tax increase. Five on the board also tried to censure two of the board members - a doctor and a veteran- for speaking up for parent’s rights. No safety concerns have been allowed to be discussed relating to a restraining order brought against the superintendent for allegedly assaulting his pregnant ex-mistress. Charges have also been brought for violating Texas penal code, among other laws, in distributing pornographic material to children in the schools.

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