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TAKING ACTION: Saving Schools This Summer

Rallying in Round Round, Texas. Parents will not stop demanding answers and action over the Summer to keep our kids safe. A group of RRISD ( Round Rock Independent School District) parents and taxpayers peacefully petitioned outside of the Texas Education Association Tuesday morning. After dozens of grievances have been filed, parents want to see the TEA do more to protect students and bring law, order, transparency and safety back to the district. They continue to ask that the district’s superintendent be removed and that the majority of the school moard stop its criminal acts. The board has lied to constituents -saying that the investigation against Superintendent Azaiez is closed. Through FOIA requests and publicly available information, the superintendent is still being investigated by the TEA and Travis County has NOT closed its investigation of the superintendent for alleged domestic abuse and threats against his former pregnant mistress. The school district- like many others across the country has gotten national attention for arresting parents for speaking out in school board meetings, promoting obscene and pornographic material in the schools, and unlawfully demanding students wear a mask for 8 hours a day. Parents were able to have a private meeting with a top TEA official. A lower level TEA employee frivolously called police to the building while the meeting was taken place. No arrests or citations were issued.

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