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True Or False : Roe V. Wade

True Or False : Roe V. Wade See how well people know Roe V. Wade and what overturning it would actually mean. A surprise run-in with Planned Parenthood representatives doesn't go quite as you might expect it to...

Here are the questions and answers I used with sources:

True or false : Roe v Wade

  1. If Roe v. Wade gets overturned, it will outlaw abortions.


It leaves it up to the states

It doesn’t ban abortions - gives back to states.

“ Individual states would decide whether and when abortions would be legal. Many states would continue to allow them, and some have even begun making provisions to help serve women who live in states that are likely to restrict abortion. Right now, abortion remains legal in every state.”


2. Obama promised to codify Roe v. Wade and then didn’t


Obama 2008:"The first thing I'll do as President is sign the Freedom of Choice Act."

In an April 2009 speech the President said the bill was not his "highest legislative priority.



3. Black Americans make up about 14 percent of the population, but nearly 40% of all abortions in America since Roe vs. Wade have been by Black Americans


nearly 40% of all abortions in America since Roe vs. Wade have been by Black Americans


Is there something wrong with this picture — nearly 40% of all abortions in America since Roe vs. Wade have been by Black Americans? This equates to more than 20 million Black pregnancies aborted — the equivalent to the populations of either New York or Florida. Yet Black people make up just 14% of the U.S. White people account for 35% of all abortions as the majority population in the country.

Digging deeper into the research, one discovers that its founder, Margaret Sanger, wrote about the “Negro Project” or “Problem” in terms akin to believers of eugenics.


4. The right to an abortion is rooted in the constitution.


“The first misconception is that the right to abortion has constitutional roots. But Roe’s justification actually derives from an abstract interpretation of the 14th Amendment’s premise of liberty and the malleable concept of a right to privacy found not in the actual text of the Constitution but rather in its “penumbras” and emanations. These foundations are so dubious that even leading lights on the left have criticized Roe’s legal reasoning. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, for example, has called Roe “heavy-handed judicial intervention.”


5. Each year the abortion industry brings in over $1 billion in America alone.


Each year the abortion industry brings in over $1.1 billion in America alone.


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