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'Whistleblower Protection is Keeping Me Alive' - Toxic Testing Expert

In continuing the coverage of corruption in government agencies… we haven't forgotten about East Palestine, Ohio. There’s been concern over toxins released after the Norfolk Southern train derailment. This Saturday marks one year since the toxic disaster. Wait til you hear the efforts to cover up the ongoing issues and intimidate one man who’s been testing and trying to alert the community.

Scott Smith-independent toxin tester and CEO of Biosolutions- has been exposing what the EPA has been trying to cover up in collusion with Norfolk Southern. Scott has emails of the EPA trying to track him down and Norfolk subpoenaed him to intimidate. He also has evidence of Facebook flagging his posts. "Coincidentally" Norfolk increased its lobbying by 30% year over year.

Scott now has whistleblower protection from the Government Accountability Project.


Scott Smith

Twitter: @WaterWarriorOne

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